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  • ACE - Automatic Computerized Oedometer
  • Front loading oedometer
  • HYDROCON - Hydraulic consolidation
  • CRS - Constant Rate of Strain


  • SHEARMATIC EmS - Fully automatic direct and residual shear testing amchine
  • AUTOSHEAR - Direct/residual shear testing machine with automatic built-in data acquisition
  • DIGISHEAR - Digital direct/residual shear testing machine - external data acquisition
  • TORSHEAR - Ring shear machine - built in data acquisition
  • SHEARMATIC 300 - Large direct/residual shear machine - built in data acquisition
  • VANE - Laboratory vane aspparatus


  • AUTOTRIAX 2 - Fully automatic triaxial system
    • Built-in data acquisition
    • External data acquisition
    • Analogue data recording


  • DYNATRIAX - Cyclic Triaxial System
  • RC/TS - Resonant Column/Torsional Shear
  • CSS - Cyclic Simple Shear


  • AUTOTRIAX EmS - Fully automatic triaxial system for unsaturated soils
  • STANDARD TRIAXIAL - Manual triaxial system for unsaturated soils
  • HYDROCON SWCC - Hydraulic consolidation with soil & water characteristic curve

Discover the Electromechanical Servoactuation Technology

EMS Tech
The Company

Wykeham Farrance

The Soil Testing Laboratories’ most trusted partner since 1941

At the forefront of Soil Testing for over 70 years, Wykeham Farrance (WF) has been instrumental in the development of internationally recognized test systems that are capable of replicating complex phenomena in a laboratory environment.
A member of CONTROLS Group since 2004, WF’s expertise, coupled with 60+ years of CONTROLS Group’s leadership in construction material testing equipment, gives you access to a range of expert Soil Testing Systems that are innovative, easy to use and affordable.
Our global network — with nine branch offices plus 100+ exclusive and highly trained distributors worldwide— provides prompt and unparalleled global pre-sales and post-sales service, wherever you are.
We believe that real value comes from the knowledge that you are choosing products from a managerially structured company with a long and successful history, strong integrity that gives you peace of mind.

2017 — Wykeham Farrance re-invents Soil Testing with three crucial developments:

  • Electromechanic Servoactuation (EmS) NEW Range
    We’ve listened to your needs when it comes to cost, space and reliability and have come-up with a new range integrating the breakthrough Electromechanical Servoactuation (EmS) technology to our Soil applications.
    Delivering increased performance, small footprint and excellent reliability at an affordable price, our new EmS range is set to become the new industry benchmark. It’s “Soil Testing made easy” at its best!
  • Total Testing Automation
    By incorporating testing automation to all our products, we want to empower you to maintain a laboratory that is more efficient in producing accurate and repeatable results, in turn increasing profitability and enhancing your lab’s reputation.
  • Unique and Exclusive Modularization System
    Our unique and exclusive modular approach allows you to build your system gradually resulting in excellent Return-On-Investment. Quite simply, our design philosophy ensures that Wykeham Farrance machines never become obsolete and facilitates a seamless transition when adopting new technologies

History & Heritage

WYKEHAM FARRANCE | History & Heritage

WYKEHAM FARRANCE is one of the longest established manufacturing companies in the world of Geotechnical Testing Systems. It has always been synonymous with high technology and quality. A close working relationship with several premier Universities in Europe ensures a flow of new ideas for the development of new testing techniques and systems.

WYKEHAM FARRANCE was originally formed in 1941 by Geoff Wykeham and Geoff Farrance. The original company is now part of CONTROLS Group as the Soil Mechanics Division. This alliance and synergy, the international network of companies, groups and distributors provide complete customer service and technical advice including planning, installation, training and maintenance for all types of laboratories.



Our After Sales Service Dept. is able to give the highest professional support for all problems related to the complete range of our products, either directly or through our Global Distribution Network by a team of highly qualified Service Engineers in Italy, France, Iraq, Mexico, Poland, Spain, UK and U.S.A., but also through an extensive worldwide network of Authorized Distributors/Service Centers located in most Countries of the world. We guarantee that the work for verification, checking and repair is carried out by trained personnel and using genuine spare parts.

One of the tasks of our Customer Care department is to organize training sessions. To attend these Courses please contact your CONTROLS commercial reference, or send an email to


In this section you can download all the Wykeham Farrance catalogues as the General one and single brochures.

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