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WYKEHAM FARRANCE is a worldwide leader and pioneer in advanced soil mechanics testing systems. Originally formed in 1941 by Geoff Wykeham and Geoff Farrance, it has been part of Controls Group since 2004. For over 70 years it has been at the forefront of the development of test systems designed to give engineers the instruments to replicate complex phenomena such as seismic activity, vibrations, unsaturated conditions and control of principal stresses, etc in laboratories. Wykeham Farrance systems are capable of reproducing these effects thanks to a number of advanced computer-/software-controlled systems with user-friendly interfaces.

In the last decade our development focused on a new concept for laboratory testing systems, dedicating new, skilled resources to the production of highly-automated equipment. The result is AUTOLAB: a range of machines and software for static and dynamic test automation.

The automation technology has been applied to basic and advanced tests such as:

  • One-dimensional incremental consolidation test: ACE (Automatic Computerized oEdometer) is a PC-controlled multi-station device with a pneumatic loading system (replacing the traditional front-loading oedometers);
  • Direct/residual shear test: SHEARMATIC and SHEARMATIC300 are stand-alone units for standard or large soil samples (Shearmatic300 can accommodate 300x300mm samples) with programmable loading control that eliminates the need for any manual intervention by the user for the duration of the test;
  • Effective stress and stress path triaxial tests (on saturated and unsaturated soils): AUTOTRIAX is a unique system able to automatically run several different tests from a single PC without user intervention for the duration of the test;
  • Dynamic triaxial test (on saturated and unsaturated soils): DYNATRIAX is a servo-pneumatic computer-controlled system that manages three closed-loop axes with a high-sensitivity 10kHz P.I.D. control loop;
  • Resonant column/Torsional simple shear tests: RESONANT COLUMN is a combined system for the automatic detection of resonant frequency and determination of damping ratio from half power bandwidth, free vibration data and hysteresis loop.


  • Is RELIABLE: full automation means non-stop testing complying with relevant international standards. The intervention of the user is minimized to ensure maximum productivity benefit.
  • Is FLEXIBLE: a wide range of components enables the user to tailor the systems to fit unique testing requirements.
  • Is EXPANDABLE: Wykeham Farrance systems are conceived for modular integration, allowing engineers to build systems up over time and plan further upgrading of existing systems.